Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ice princess

Another little drawing from my sketchbook. Its a greyhound which fullfilled his dream dancing as a prima ballerina on ice! (I looked up the word for figure skater but I thought it doesnt sound as nice and dreamy as prima ballerina on ice or ice princess! So I changed it.)


  1. at first I thougt she is a giraffe or a camel. then it was clear, as I read your text. she really fulfilled her dream beeing a star on ice! yeah - when you are back we should go for an ice-cream, I invite you!

  2. Confusions due her appearance - its good that I apply texts! Iam not going to tell her that somebody first thought she is a giraffe or camel because that might upset her (she is very arrogant ;)
    Ice cream sounds good at any season of the year!I will take you up on that!