Friday, May 13, 2011

Close friend of the english bulldog

I did already post my new drawing yesterday but due some problems with the blog it dissapeared and I hope it wont happen again as this beagle really wants to stay among his friends here!

It is a british beagle and a very close friend of the english bulldog. They share the same passions for fashion, ascott hats and tea as you can see!

I really started to like a lot to draw ascott hats! Its like everything is allowed to put on that hat and there are as good as no limitation which makes it so big fun to draw them! And by the way - they look beautiful!


  1. Love your British Beagle Lady, enjoying her tea with such noble elegance!

  2. Muchas gracias Anneli!

    She enjoyed a very good education in terms of elegance ;)