Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why are you looking at me like this? Never seen an english bulldog having tea?

Well english people are famous for their tea and tea time at 5pm afternoon. This bulldog has lived many years with an english family and got very used to their customs which includes as well having tea in afternoon.
Furthermore she loves a lot to dress elegantly like their masters and to copy them. They even wear ascot hats at home when they are not watching the latest cricket game and so does their dog now!
I love this kind of dogs which i mentioned already at the beginning of the blog! I think they make very nice models for pictures!


  1. Of course she loves tea! And of course she loves ascot hats and elegant dresses! She whispered it in my ear :)

  2. She is glad someone understands her that well! :-)

  3. she is lovely I ♥ her pure elegance!